cupcakes at my fingertips!

boy, what a weekend!
i would just like to give a shout out to martin luther king jr. and thank him for all he did; specifically, a day off from school today.

next up, my sweet puppy Bo/Beau/Beauregard just put himself to bed. he walked into my parents dark room (where he sleeps) and stood there waiting, until my mom brought in the crate and he walked in and went to sleep. so precious!

i learned how to make a 1960's beehive hairstyle yesterday, thanks to my mother's expertise and samantha's gorgeous hair. it took about a 1/2 hour, 5 bobby pins, 1 big yellow bow and sixty thousand gallons of hairspray. but it looked so dang cute!

finished season 4 of The Hills! my favorite t.v. show on the face of the planet. i am so addicted. i could carry on a 45 minute discussion about that show. it is so bad (and by bad i mean good).

finished ALL OF MONK that has ever, or will ever be made. i almost cried. instead, my evening time will be replaced with other things. in honor of this milestone, hannah and i referenced Monk in nearly every sentence today. congratulations us. Monk, you will be missed.

i think it was a weekend for t.v. shows.

and watching myself be awkward. i never realized how awkward i am. eye contact, body language, conversation, etc. it does not matter. i guess i am okay with it because there isn't really anything i can do about it!

this is a very long post. ohwell.

and the title of this post refers to my freshly painted nails. light pink with disco ball sparkles! they look like a cupcake from a 5 year old girl's princess themed birthday party!

watching The Hills with melissa, hannah, and a bunch of moon pies.


maybe a whisper

i don't even know. i don't think i want to know.
i am 100% sure i don't want to say anything.
and 98% sure that saying no and standing in my room forever wouldn't change even one ounce of anything.
but that 2% is pretty tempting.
pretty tempting, indeed.

thirsty thursday it is and i don't have anything to drink. what to do? perhaps eat 1 or 12 moon pies.
that is the solution.

thank you to my dearest melissa miller for painting my nails in such a lovely fashion. i want to eat them up.


an afternoon delight

please enjoy this skateboarding blue rat with a gold helmet given to me as a housewarming gift by hannah and melissa.
also enjoy my dad hand modeling it and my blurry mom in the background.

happy halfway-through-the-week day!


bee eff eff ssssss

i might just have the best friends in the whole entire world. and this is not an exaggeration.
letting me spill out stories and guts and blood and truths that are ugly and helping me decipher what it all means, or at least trying.
even when nothing makes sense and it is an ugly bundle of confusion. sipping on Starbucks and driving on the highway and sitting in silence and watching a fire in the sky and not knowing.
thank you hannah and melissa miller. i love you girls so much.

p.s. being introduced to the green tea latte thingy + tons of whipped cream from Starbucks? life changing.

*both photos sooc


a very merry new year.

welcome to the year 2011, full of:
promises, victories, and long journeys that will end in something good.

one way to start the new year out right? a comfy cozy sweatshirt, peach painted nails and 4 spoonfuls of cookie dough!

but actually, prayer. i am such a flake when it comes to being a christian it disgusts me sometimes. living two lives at the same time and not even noticing the conflict and difference between them.
just the other morning, i was planning on waking up at 8:15 (early, i know) when Bo/Beau/Beauregard (my puppy) busted through my "closed" door at 7:45, grabs a bottle of nail polish, and runs out.
waking up a half hour early + door left wide open = VERY loud noises from downstairs floating up and into my sleepy little ears = frustrating times 10 million. as my stomach began to gurgle with anger, i stopped. and thought:

why should i care so much?

so i started praying and being thankful for another gorgeous, sunny day to live. and i was filled with so much joy! it was unbelievable. i loved it.

in conclusion:
thank you jesus for loving grumpy, ungrateful, sleepy ehlana.
thank you mother for making cookie dough and watching me eat it.