big things don't often happen.

mean girls. potentially the best movie i have ever seen in my life. i just love watching cheesy, painful, cliche, dumb, ridiculous movies. lindsay lohan, in her younger more innocent days. acting. strangely. i could watch movie after movie. non-stop. fake life. ultra enjoyable. it is a classic.

i enjoyed a lunch at my grandmother's this afternoon. tuna fish sandwiches. chicken noodle soup. red juice. chocolate chip cookies semi warmed in the microwave. simple things are often the best things.

the sunny weather is so lovely. i went for a walk. and a bike ride. on the old-fashioned green bike. with the wire basket on the side. and the left squeaky brake. and the extra wide fat lady seat. and my warm living body perched on top. swaying from side to side with the twists and turns. like a canary yellow couch. falling from purple clouds onto a computer screen.

my package arrived. and my t-shirt:

burlap toms (arrived today!)

cheesy family tshirt minus sis n bro (ma, pa, bro)
new shoes (yahoo)
squishy eye (bright springish sun)
frenzied face (sf in one.five days)

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Anonymous said...

har, i love your t-shirt! i want one so bad.