body baldness and nudity. worldwide.

i have concluded that while i try to convince myself. i am NOT meant to be a high school student. homework, making impressions, doing the right thing, looking pretty, worrying about the future. it is all nonsense. sometimes wearing clothes and doing hair and makeup is a giant hassle. being naked and completely hairless would be better. times a million.

today one of our hens got eaten. by a raccoon. she was crazy already, so oh well. she ran away four days ago into the neighbor's yard. then she jumped/flew into the other neighbor's yard yesterday. this morning, our elderly neighbor called and told us. one down. seven more to go. my hatred of chickens has not diminshed. unless i am eating them. they do not belong in my backyard.

today was a late start wednesday. i got to sleep in. but slept in too late. therefore, i had to rush for everything. i came up with an outfit, but hair and makeup was another story. i really and truly should break my habit of lateness. but i can't help it. so my outfit was nice. hair was not.

here the schmozle is:

polka dot party dress worn as shirt (value village)
belt (garage sale)
striped skirt (made by my mother)
cream colored tights (mother's drawer)

i finally ripped my tights. accidentally.

leather man loafers (value village)

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Anonymous said...

yeah--i hear this. high school and life and the performance of everything in general--lying and cheating and buying time for quarters and nickels. and the meantime life goes by and bye.