buns and brains.

my buns are crossed. at a severe angle. school and sleep and slivers. but not really.

i took the drivers written exam. fail. however. the events leading up to the actual test taking may have played a role in that. playback written for you. by me. here.

"have you taken written test before?" frazzled front desk lady who has strong spanish accent
"yes." me, inoccent child attempting to become a liscensed driver.
"okay, take a number and wait" ffdl
i pull out 83. sit down. wait. fiddle with flower pen. attempt to read manual. stare in a non-creepy way at other people. wait.
"83!" man with a slightly ruddy complexion. hooked nose. badly bleached hair.
"uhh. yeah. here. coming." me.
hand man permit. stand awkwardly. hope there are no stray pieces of chewing gum stuck to my rear. look around.
"have you taken the written exam before?" man.
"well...once for my permit test." me.
"so, you have taken it once." man. volume is raising.
"yes, for my permit test." me.
"HAVE YOU TAKEN THE WRITTEN EXAM FOR THE LISCENSE TEST BEFORE?!" man. shouting. holding up clipboard with paper on it and pointing. loudly. obnoxiously. painfully. awkwardly.
"no." me.
"ok, that was all i wanted to know. fill out this paper and get back in line." man.
"ok." me.
i then walked away. eyes burning. breathing in and out with great concentration. gripping the flower pen like his neck. trying not to cry. i filled out the paper. went to take my test. and failed with a 75%. end of story. poop.

i purchased an itty bitty inspiration notebook today. for every little clever word. quote. picture. brain blossom. and thought tingle. every feeling. recorded. i am excited. first entry: electric theatre.

i consumed four hot cross buns today. handmade from scratch by my grandma. she cooks with little dashes of angel juice in each recipe. that is the only explanation. every single bite is simply divine. i photographed the little beauties. they were just so cute. here they are:

i hope your mouth is watering.

today's outfit. i feel frughaodhtde about it. could be better. could be worse. looky looky:
creamy white scarf (tj maxx)
gryffindor/vintage cheerleader sweater (ray's ragtime)
dark blue skinny jeans (levis)
blurry. fuzzy. furry. waiting. wishing. watching. (my brain)

leather man loafers (value village)

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