i rather enjoy...

when the weatherman is wrong. he said today would be rainy, but this lovely sun we got instead was gorgeous.

making babies in biology. that class is horrible. but making babies with friends is...fun. mine has coffee colored skin, almond eyes, movie star eyelashes, dark blue eyes, wavy brown hair with heavy red pigment, freckles, and a rounded nose. i create attractive children.

pairing stripes with prints. unexpected, surprising, thrilling. trying not to match is fun.

leftover desserts from parent dinner parties. food without the frenzy. i stay home and watch movies, they socialize and bring me food. cheescake, chocolate cake, and apple crisp. delightful.

today i wore this:

floral cardigan (value village)
red stripey shirt (hannah and melissa's closet)
 blue shoes (hannah and melissa's closet)
leather belt (value village)

i am not brave enough to wear these glasses to school.
but they are nice at home.

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