life is love.

alright. so i have put this off. and put it off. and put it off.
i have to find a way to put into words San Francisco.
it may be impossible. but i shall try.

god changed me. inside and out. upside and down. feeling that love for jesus. the love for His people. and not wanting to stop.

it was so refreshing to not constantly be thinking about my hair, my face, that pimple that popped up last night, if i had a stain on my jeans. appearance was pushed aside because the needs of those around me finally became more important.

i have stories. facts. opinions. but the truth was, i fell in love with jesus and san francisco. didn't want to come home. learned so much. and want everyone in the world to experience the same thing.

the organization we worked with was called City Impact. the people that worked there were the most sincere, genuine, and loving people i have ever met in my life. it was way more than an awesome place.

take a peek at City Impact HERE.
take a peek at my photos HERE.

i fell in love with this city. and jesus.

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this is beautiful!