a nod to my noodles.

i just enjoyed a delicious pasta salad. little macaroni noodles with basil and olive oil. made for me especially by my father. how kind. what foods are you enjoying? i would like to know.

today was a surprising day. not in a good or bad way. just surprising. i woke up and my hair looked nice. it was natural, but lacking frizz. only time in my life this has ever ocurred. i made up an outfit and wasn't late to school. i took a science test and felt confident. but got 72%. boo. i changed my mind three or four times about seeing Alice in Wonderland. and then wasn't allowed to go. i went to exercise. and realized it isn't a horrible thing.

things i like:
being wrapped in blankets while completing daily tasks. dishes, computer, reading, etc.
taking showers. being clean in general. smelling lovely.
eating. enough said.
brushing my teeth. once a day. with a hard toothbrush. for fifteen minutes.

san francisco in three days. everytime i think about it my stomach flutters. i haven't started packing yet. i suppose i am a little nervous. but mostly i just want to go. out of all the things to be worried about, clothing is my main concern. strange considering we will be in a very violent/crime filled area of san fran. but all i can think about is what i should wear. huh.

p.s. i cannot touch my toes. but i am working on it. slowly. starting today.

here is my morning creation:
  floral cardigan (value village)
city shirt (forever 21)
chain necklace (union gospel mission)
grey skirt (target)
tights (mom's closet)
horse riding boots (goodwill)

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