people are stinky. thinking is troublesome.

i learned a new thing about myself today.
when i run. on a treadmill, on regular land, inside, outside. it makes no difference. my toes go numb. while it does cause an inkle of annoyance, i suppose there are worse things. i discovered this phenomenon today while excercising for the first time in a month or so. the elaborate excercise equipment was quite overwhelming. it was busy. too busy for my taste. for the first twenty minutes, i stood right next to my mother. watching people. pretending i wasn't embarassed or uncomfortable. when courage finally coursed through my veins, i asked the desk clerk to show me how to use the elliptical machine. awkward, yes. but my personal safety was my number one concern. pushing my worry aside, i climbed on and did not step off for the next 45 minutes.

children on t.v. is wrong.
whilst the adventure above unfolded, i peeked at the giant television screen placed directly in front of my machine. not knowing what channels were which, i casually attempted to find a good show. between trying not to fall, look cool, and pay attention to what i was doing. i switched through more than forty channels. and finally settled on Bindi the Jungle Girl. she seemed to have perfected the fake smiles. the cuteness. the voice. the language. of television and fame. it disgusted me.

things that make me angry.
cats that don't smell good. ice-makers that don't make ice. reading the drivers manual. that is all for now.

i didn't really get dressed today. it was nice.
but for the sake of photography. i threw on some clothes.
here is something:

cream beret (forever 21)
teal tulip-neck shirt (gift from sister from india)
patterned open-front sweater (value village)
leather cream bow belt (buffalo exchange)

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Anonymous said...

you're so cool it hurts! i love this outfit. eliptical machines, haha...