sometimes i feel...

chilly. today at five o' clock, i went and served homeless men and women underneath a bridge with other kids from church. it was partially in preperation for the mission trip. i was a teensy bit nervous. i didn't really know what to expect or what i would do. i arrived and we set up three long tables, set out the food and started serving. hot dogs, chilli, chips, three kinds of cookies, two kinds of angel food cake, dutch apple pie, and fruit pastries. i patrolled the dessert station. the wind was blowing quite fiercely. i tried to dress warmly. but my toes and fingers were numb in minutes. it was a good experience. i think i shall do it again.

confused. our wind ensemble competition at george fox university was today. we weren't prepared. while performing i could hear every single mistake: the horrible pitch, over-blowing, and wrong notes. we then proceeded to the sight reading room. attempted to do well. our scores were 77, 82, and 84. i do not understand. we sounded horrible. horrible. but we qualified for state.

frustrated. getting a haircut is something i look forward to and dread. all at once. the awkward conversations, fake smiles, and continuous questioning are awful. the actual cutting of hair is simply divine. unfortunately, what happens every time, without fail, is the next day. hair that was perfectly styled by a professional is replaced with hair styled by a butcher-er. me. grrrrr. i have contemplated baldness. many times.

here is my hair looking tolerable:

xl dark blue sweater vest (value village)
striped blue and white shirt (old navy)
leather belt (value village)

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Anonymous said...

love hair and outfit, love words, and feelings. please write 10 times a day.