what to say. what to do.

the urge to create is not something that i make happen for myself. it hides itself away. covered up by busyness, routine, exhaustion, requirements. but the other day i found it. anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. much to expensive for my meager pocketbook, but delightful nonetheless. while there i fed my new love of home items. tea towels, measuring spoons, kitchen timers, pillows, candles holders. everything. it was beautiful. i stood there, pondering whether or not i could splurge, for hope chest purposes, when i found it. a do-it-yourself project. hanging there. waiting for me. to sum it all up. i have found a little creative bite. in progress.

happy pi day. eat some. think some.

i dressed myself up. a twist of this and that. here 'tis:
peasant tunic (forever 21)
black silk vest (from mom from thrift store)
stretchy burlap belt (nordstrom)
grey skinny jeans (lucky)
vintage tuxedo shoes (value village)
ruby royal earrings (forever 21)
mission trip bracelet (a friend)
look of wonder (jesus)

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Anonymous said...

coolest outfit ever, love the look of wonder!