ear-plugs on delivery. pronto.

i thought of something today. sweatpants. think about it. think about it.  little more. so gross. sweatpants. sweating in your pants. sweaty pants. nasty.

i thought of something else today. why, when writing in a formal way, do we capitilize i. as in I went to the store, bought a new puppy, burnt some toast, etc. it just seems so selfish. the most important word in the sentence is i. interesting.

decisions. decisions. decisions. the end of sophmore year is reaching it's delightful, sunny, little self around the corner and calling me by name. but as sophmore year ends, junior begins, and then senior. and then the rest of my life. what to do? where to go? what is really important? should i do this? or that? a swirling typhoon of thoughts in my head. thinking.

i wish i could whisk away the pain and hurt of every little girl in the world. forever. swaddle them in a warm fluffy blanket next to a fireplace with a cup of warm mint tea. and tell them it is okay.

what have i:
an overactive imagination.
a tendency to get distracted.
braces in the shade of mint green.
a memory that is often forgetten.
four hair-bands on my wrist. at once.

recent hope chest addition:

twin picture frames (garage sale)

actual price (this is no lie)

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Anonymous said...

i love this one. man yer coool!