a little adventure. in the life of a small-ish town girl.

portland, oregon. half a super neat city packed with scrumptious people, food, and culture. half a copy of everything that is everywhere else in the world. this weekend, my familia and i ventured up to this great city for a little bit o' living. it was rather enjoyable. i repped the typical indie look, reppin' the Toms, American Apparel, and skinny jeans. huh. then i saw, that everyone looked the same way. wieeeeerd. slash dissapointing. so we viewed the portland art museum. i wrote down the terms i didn't know, couldn't take pictures, walked through the PSU campus, ate at Hot Lips pizza, and looked for a homeless person around every corner, missing san francisco so badly.

broseph looking like a cyborg. portland art museum elevator

Hot Lips Pizza. and my heart goes pitter patter.

my delightful dinner. so tasty.

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