pickles, bears, and automobiles.

i don't know what to say.

i strongly advise you to try this. sooooon. using a technique newly known to man, ears are cleaned and sufferings eased. ear candles. try it. now. from a local Lifesource/health food store near you. hannah and i decided that our ears needed a good cleanin' and so we set out on an adventure. ending in elevated hearing levels. and friendship giggles.
the supplies.

hannah candlin' it up.


candles are cool.

after and before.
for an in-depth earwax experience, e-mail for pictures...

i am thinking perhaps of cutting my bangs in a zooey deschanel-ish style. this is yet to be confirmed, as i am waiting for courage and a sturdy pair of scissors to come my way. she is just the cutest thing ever! what do your brain waves say?

another matter: memories. what happens when you do not have any? nothing funny or sweet to laugh about with friends. no past to base the future off of. just a vast cavern of mind with twists and turns headed to infinity. sometimes i wonder.
a lot i wonder. and a lot i forget.

how easy would it be to squish my fat cat tigger until he exploded.
what if no-one ever gossiped.
why can't we fly.
what if thoughts were broadcast on a big screen t.v. above each individual's head.
could i eat a waffle underwater.


Chelsea said...

Wow, so ear candling works? I've been thinking of going to a local place that does it..

Ehlana Struth said...

It not only works, but it is super fun! I have trouble with ear infections/swimmer's ear and whenever I feel like my ears are clogged, I candle, and don't get an ear infection!You really have to try it!