buckets of blueberries. i wish i could eat.

i remembered a sweet little book today. it was one of my favorites while i was but a wee babe in my mother's arms. by the time i was six years old, pieces were missing, the pages ripped and worn, and i had moved on to bigger, more grown-up books (Berenstain Bears, The Littles, etc.) each time i see my parents pay with a credit/debit card, or see a white bunny, memories of this book come back. read it! here it is:

on another note, i have decided to act upon the many musings and ideas my brain has been throwing at me lately. first act: start a photography club at school. i have been thinking and brainstorming about this for hours upon days upon weeks. i must recruit members, find a teacher willing to be our representative, discuss what the goals/events/plans of the club are, and then report back to our school activities coordinator for approval. i am really rather excited to start this and am praying everything works out smoothly!

buying a camera of decent quality is a stressful undertaking. i have known for a long time that i needed to upgrade to something that could help me develop a potential photography business. my simple Kodak point and shoot just isn't doing the trick anymore. however, i did not expect it to be quite as scary and intimidating as it is turning out to be. a Canon XSi is the model that i have my eye on. searching for a used-but-good-quality-and-good-price model is easier said than done. much easier. if your ears pick up on a little bird singing about selling one, lemme know. soon. my creative brain is waiting and wilting by the wayside.

truthfully, i have been in somewhat of a fashion slump these past couple of weeks. i think it is my lack of motivation for school which therefore transfers to a lack of motivation for life in general. so this outfit is actually from a week or so ago, when the weather was warm and shorts socially acceptable. my toes were wet from an unexpected marching band practice on puddle-filled tennis courts. feast your eyes:

grey jersey vest (hannah and melissa's closet)
turqoise v-neck (hannah and melissa's closet)
red popcorn shorts (my bestest sister)
soaked-toe blue sneakers (hannah and melissa's closet)
position of extreme attitude (school stinks)


Anonymous said...

oh you were so little once. wish i was in high school so i could join your photo club... wait, did i just say that?

Ehlana Struth said...

haha. that is a serious mistake. wishing for high school? girl, you going cray cray. but i wish you could join too.