peach and raspberry. a wonderful combination.

it sure has been a while. i suppose i am to blame, being that i am the only girl with access to this blog. i can't say i have a reason or excuse. i just have a severe case of the "blahs". severe. school, work, play. all of the above are feeling rather blah-ish. i don't know.

next on the agenda:
i have solved the age old male baldness epidemic. problem: men part their hair in the same place everyday for every year of their life. the constant tugging, brushing, shampooing, maintaining, and hydrating wear and tear at the eensy little hair follicles. after years and years of such treatment, a bald patch forms. it grows, and grows, and grows, into a full scale head-demic. ah! thank heavens i solved what decades of scientist couldn't. don't try and steal it. i have a patent/copyright/trademark. deal sealed.

best friends are fun. so are photoshoots. and licorice. yayhoozle. this is the only recent photo i had. i had to shorten my crazy middle finger into a stump. i didn't mean to give the world the bird. if you know what i mean. oopies.

hannah (best friend) and cigarettes (licorice)

today i ventured out to complete a school assignment. one assignment that i did not dread. in fact, i rather enjoyed it. job shadow. bam. it was amazing. i learned so much, got to meet an amazingly talented, delightfully charming girl, and tried a bottled smoothie in a medley of flavors i had never before explored. Ashley showed me the ins and outs of running a photography business while we giggled loudly about her drug policies, punctuality, and stealing chairs from Starbucks. so fun.

take a peek at Ashley's photography HERE.

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