finding sometimes means losing.

found the neatest surprise today whilst wandering down the music hall on my way to my last final, band. two racks of dirty looking clothes resting along the wall with a crudely written "free" sign hanging on them. i didn't look very closely, but suddenly something reached out and grabbed my attention. an elementary education dress! in my younger years, i did not fully appreciate how loose, comfortable, and versatile these rare specimens are, but as i have matured, my teacher dressing appreciation has grown. planning on turning it into a summer romper, i snatched it up, tucked it in my backpack, and sped along on my merry little way.

my cute dress. free.

on another, darker note: i did not make the musical. i auditioned for Hairspray last week, and was feeling pretty confident. not so much with the dancing portion, but at least with the singing. today the callback list was posted. and my name was NOT on it. i haven't cried. i think i probably will eventually. bottled emotions don't work well. for now though, my head is full of ideas and possibilities: mock trial, fbla, photography club, fashion club, etc.

found this very neato new website while browsing the internet searching for a way to transform my elementary ed. dress into a romper. so excited to use it! tons of easy, adorable, FREE patterns to sew! go HERE.

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Anonymous said...

oooh i can't wait to see this romper!!!