i got me a crick in my back.

why is it that the squiggle worms that live inside my brain think faster than i could ever possibly move? i feel so many important things. and think crazy beautiful thoughts. and then promptly forget them. it is impossibly frustrating.

sometimes i wonder about the way things change. society expectations and who people are expected to be. i know i am here, in the two thousands, for a reason. i wasn't just dropped in among beings that i am supposed to belong with and left alone. i really am so thankful for that. there are days that feel strange. unnatural. forced. confusing. and i don't understand.

a list of things i will do when i have children:
  • treat them to random treats
  • change up the advent calender at christmas (activities, not chocolate)
  • go on adventures at unexpected times (9:00 p.m. trip to the beach? yes.)
  • never make them stack firewood
  • homemade halloween costumes
  • bake a new sweet treat each week
  • family bike rides
  • grandma day once a week
  • wear a cute mom apron
  • not be chubby
that is all i can come up with for now. more once i remember. brainstorming before birthing children may be necessary. good thing i got time.

hallway through a peekyhole


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is my favorite post; in the mix, seeing trees and birds with melon yellow strings assortedly stretching from here to there--and you know it started somewhere. and it is the most important work, i think. this stringing from what to what. i like it. (lb)

Anonymous said...

not make them stack firewood, hahah! (mb)