being completely honest.

this week has been kind of really stinky. and by stinky, i mean just generally awful. please do not take this as a complaint, merely a statement of fact. the bulk of the awfulness stems from certain subject areas (trigonometry & chemistry).

number 1: who even needs these freakin' subjects? 99.9% sure i will NOT be going into any sort of career that will require math or science. unless God u-turns my life in a COMPLETELY different direction, of course.

number 2: aren't teachers supposed to want their students to learn/succeed/comprehend? because apparently this is not the goal of a golden few at McNary. dangit.

i think a good cry is what i really need. not only does it really allow me to let everything out in the form of salty, warm, little beads of water, but also makes one's eye color much more vivid, and grows the eyelashes! what's not to love? (besides the puffy face, splotchy skin, and red eyes...)

perhaps this weeks lesson can be summed up in one simple equation.


just because i wanted to break the "only good pictures may appear on this blog" rule.
this captures one inkling of how i feel.

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