fa la la la la la la la la.

so i had a caroling party. and it was delightful. i was worried and stressed and frustrated while preparing for it, but good friends with big brains and good ideas helped make this party 10 times better than i thought it would be.
we met up at 6, chatted for a bit, and then headed out into the damp, cold world outside to spread some christmas cheer. sure, there were some awkward situations and rude people, but seeing elderly couples sing along, and little kids watch with big eyes was simply amazing. we returned, wetter and louder than before to enjoy cookies, cocoa, and candy canes. we finished the evening by playing Sardines and Mafia in a pitch black house.

dance partaaaaay!

homemade treats (thanks lois & melissa!)

anthony aguilar. shake face master.

(joseph, anthony, daniel, rachel, melissa, ryan, sarah, hannah, alix, cassie, me)

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funnnn, cute!!!