my eyes are burning! my eyes are burning!

things accomplished today: fail chemistry test, pass math test (surprise!), shop for adopt o' celtic family, clean up puppy pee (times 3), cry, have burning eyeballs, finish a certain good friends birthday present, eat vanilla soft serve ice cream.

i give my day a 72% grade.

so there.

but before i get too ahead of myself, Thursday was quite delightful! went to the Salvation Army thrift store and found the coolest things. a twin to my very favorite ohso twirly/comfy/lovely dress. it may or may not be a size large, but oh well! i am so excited. this one is black with blue flowers, and the other is black with burgundy flowers. yayayayayay! also found some nifty sunglasses. they miiiiiight have somewhat of a molester-ish quality about them, but i love 'em like a daughter. and then, two special secret gifts for some special people which i cannot reveal!

finally, finishing the day with feathers and favorite friends (hannah and melissa) at salon 554! not only was i so excited to get these nifty lil' thangs in my hair, but after talking to and meeting the hairstylist that put them in, we found out that all the proceeds were going to help pay for the cost of her going on a mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa. how cool is that? waaaaaay cooooool. then i wanted to buy like 50. but i didn't have the funds for that, so instead i went with two beads = six feathers. they look amazing and feel so cool! basically, they are just like regular hair. you can curl and straighten them and wash them in the showaaa. eyeluvit.