a very merry new year.

welcome to the year 2011, full of:
promises, victories, and long journeys that will end in something good.

one way to start the new year out right? a comfy cozy sweatshirt, peach painted nails and 4 spoonfuls of cookie dough!

but actually, prayer. i am such a flake when it comes to being a christian it disgusts me sometimes. living two lives at the same time and not even noticing the conflict and difference between them.
just the other morning, i was planning on waking up at 8:15 (early, i know) when Bo/Beau/Beauregard (my puppy) busted through my "closed" door at 7:45, grabs a bottle of nail polish, and runs out.
waking up a half hour early + door left wide open = VERY loud noises from downstairs floating up and into my sleepy little ears = frustrating times 10 million. as my stomach began to gurgle with anger, i stopped. and thought:

why should i care so much?

so i started praying and being thankful for another gorgeous, sunny day to live. and i was filled with so much joy! it was unbelievable. i loved it.

in conclusion:
thank you jesus for loving grumpy, ungrateful, sleepy ehlana.
thank you mother for making cookie dough and watching me eat it.

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